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・NJS is a professional team promoting SPS technologies by consultation, R&D of advanced materials, sales of SPS machines, products, components. NJS has got much information and accumulated know-how since the birth of this technology in Japan. NJS is experienced in helping academia researchers as well as business managers in versatile industries. Therefore, NJS is prepared to provide proper and timely solutions for questions, problems and requirement of any kind that the customers may have.  

・Also, NJS and SINTER LAND group have been providing excellent maintenance services of all kinds till today and will keep giving customers satisfactory services in future onward.

・NJS is a core party of “JASC” (Japan Associates of SPS Consortium), the largest group relevant to SPS technologies in the world -> Go to “JASC” page.

The very 1st SPS machine innovated in Japan in the middle of 1960s.

With constant R&D and enhancement of technologies on SPS for last five decades, we are in the stage where 5th generation of SPS systems emerging, which are for the actual production and manufacturing of new materials in the versatile industries.

Progress of SPS Technology
One of the key persons who has been nurturing SPS technology in the world market till today is Dr. M. Tokita who joined NJS in 2008. Due to this fact, there will be no question about that NJS will keep seizing initiatives as the supreme leader of SPS technologies in the world.

Dr. M. Tokita

Borne in Tokyo Japan
Graduated Tokyo Metropolitan Technical College
Joined Japax inc. R&D dept. as a researcher
Made researching on High voltage Electrical Discharge
phenomena, Spark-impact pressure, Electro-hydraulic Forming,
Electro-magnetic Forming, Electricl Discharge Machining,
Electro Chemical Machining etc.
Also acted as:
General Manager of Overseas dept. and
General Manager of Cooperate Planning dept.
Joined Sumitomo Coal Mining Co., Ltd. R&D dept. as a Senior
researcher and Marketing manager.
General Manager of R&D dept. and
Managing Director of Izumi Tec Inc.(100% affiliated company of
Sumitomo Coal Mining Co., Ltd.)
1995/April -
1996/MarchPart-time Lecturer on Advanced SPS technology in Materials
Research Institute of Tohoku University.
1996/April -
2001/MarchParticipated as the leader in Project Part-I: “FGMs by SPS”/
Japan-US National Project conducted by NEDO (New Energy
and Industrial Technology Development Organization of the
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan)
Received the 38th annual award for “Distinguished
Achievements in Development of SPS Technology” from the
Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy of Japan (JSPM).
2001/April -
2004/MarchParticipated as the leader in NEDO’s R&D project Part-II:
“Industrialization on FGMs by SPS
Established SPS Syntex Inc. as a joint venture company of
Sumitomo Coal Mining Co., Ltd. and Sojiz Corporation and was
appointed as the Senior Managing Director and Head of the
R&D center.
Joined NJS Co., Ltd. as the Director for consultation on SPS
Appointed as the Senior Managing Director and Head of SPS
R&D Center
Graduated from graduate school of Osaka University as Ph.D.

Other Affiliations

Advisor of “Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy”
Coordinator of “FGMs(Functionally Graded Materials) Forum of Japan”
Technical Advisor of “National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS)”
Technical Advisor of “Foundation for promotion of Japanese Aero-Space Technology (JAST)

(38th annual award given by Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy of Japan in May 2000)